Dance Floor Etiquette

Line dancing socials involve a lot of people of different abilities all dancing together in lines, hopefully doing the same steps. To avoid mishaps and problems occurring on the dance floor the following are a few basic rules which need to be followed to keep everything running smoothly. Remember line dancing is meant to be fun so relax, keep smiling and above all enjoy yourself!
Flying High Line Dancers

Never carry food, drinks, glasses or cans across the dance floor. Leave your snacks and drinks on a table.

Never walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor - always walk around or wait.
Never stand on the floor to talk - if music is playing go off the dance floor to chat.
Never start a different dance unless there is plenty of room and you sense it is acceptable.

Never hog the dance floor to ‘perform. If the floor is full, take small steps and watch for collisions.

Never stop in the middle of a dance to teach, as you’ll be in the way. Go off the floor to teach.

Never, even if you know the dance being taught and the person next to you is struggling, talk over the instructor. It is confusing to the learner and irritating to those around you, not to mention the instructor. There should only be one person teaching a specific dance at any one time.

Never let you feet, knees, arms or elbows become dangerous weapons on the dance floor.

Never show off. Crazed variations, turbo spins, high kicks and jumps just put people off -YOU!

Always listen to the DJ. It is customary for the DJ to designate the dance and to ‘count you in’.

Always encourage and support beginners. It is only takes a few kind words to make you a new friend.
Always go to the front when starting off a new dance. Others can then line up behind you.

Always be gracious and apologise when caught in a ‘bump’ even if was not your fault.

Always remember that the dance floor is for everyone and not a selected few.

Always leave the outside of the dance floor clear for partner and couple dances.

Always give way to dancers around the edge of the dance floor as they always have the right of way.

Always dance with the flow or as it is commonly know ‘The Line of Dance’.
Always show appreciation. Applaud live acts, instructors and DJ’s - they work hard for you. 
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