Line dancing, as with any form of dance, helps boost your mood by making you feel good as well as having other benefits for both the mind and body. It helps improve your memory as you are required to remember dance steps and combinations. Line dancing is also a low impact and weight bearing form of dance and is therefore suitable for all ages.  It is good for your bones and joints, metabolism, balance and also helps burn up those unwanted calories in the process.   The social aspect of being part of a group is also very important.

Line Dancing involves physical activity so please dance within your own ability. Please consult your GP for advice if you have an existing medical condition. Remember to always take a break if you need one.  Flying High Line Dancers will not accept any responsibility for any injuries or illness incurred through the learning and performing of any dance. This is undertaken at your own risk.

Footwear: Please wear comfortable, low heeled and supportive footwear which allows you to move easily on the dance floor. Shoes which stick to the floor, sling backs and high heels are not suitable for obvious reasons.  Trainers are not suitable as they stick to the floor.

Music: Different genres of music are used from Pop, Latin America, Irish, Country & Western and many others.

What to wear: No special clothing is required but it is best to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes for ease of movement.

Refreshments: Please bring your own refreshments to each class in the form of a bottle of water or soft drink. Regular breaks are taken during the course of an evening during which time you have the chance to have a drink and rest. However, please take a break if you feel you need one. 

Socials: Class parties are held on a regular basis throughout the course of the year to celebrate different events. All classes are combined at these events.

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