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Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events

Are you looking for something different for a Corporate function, Weddings, Birthday, Christmas, Pub, Club or any other type of party and / or themed evening?  Want to learn to learn the 'Gavin & Stacey line dance' then look no further than our County & Western Themed Party!

We will come to your party or event to teach a number of fun dances.  Lisa and Kevin have a real passion for line dancing and this comes across at the events they host.

Everyone will be encouraged to get on the dance floor and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere.  They are experienced in hosting events and will keep you, your guests or work colleagues entertained.

County & Western Package Outline

This provides an example of a package outline for events.  Your event can be tailored to your requirements:

Line Dancing Session:

How many dances taught will depend on the size of the group and how they get on during the allotted time frame.  Generally in an hour's session we do four to five dances.  If you have any favourite tracks you would like to dance to , please let us know and we will use these for your event. It does not have to be country music i.e. You can dance to Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Irish music etc.


Duration: 1 hour but can be longer dependent on your requirements

Attendees: Up to 200+.  This depends on the size and capacity of the venue. 

Dance Teacher: Lisa (and support dancers depending upon the number of attendees)


Any venue can be suitable, from a dance studio to a large conference room/banquet hall either indoor or outdoor.  We are very flexible.  Please discuss your requirements with us before making your final venue booking. 

How the evening runs based on a one hour booking:

For most events of this length we teach basic line dancing moves which most people can easily master. Each dance is broken down into easily manageable sections which make up a complete dance. We will have you dancing in no time at all!

Pricing and booking

If you would like pricing for the above programme, or if you have a similar requirement, please go to contact us as we'd be more than happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a package to your event.

Singer / Band

A singer or band that have a mixed repertoire can also be provided at extra cost so you have a complete package for the evening.   

Gift Voucher:

Why not treat your friends or family to a line dance experience.  We offer gift vouchers to suit any requirements.

We hope to see you on the dance floor soon!



Sharon Familton

Just wanted to share our experience and say a huge thank to  Lisa & Kevin for providing us with a fabulous evening of entertainment at the Hornbrook Inn, Horsham, 5 Star! Would definitely recommend to everyone.

50th Birthday Party.jpg

Sharon Dodds

I wanted to say a big thank you for a fabulous evening of line dancing. Everyone totally enjoyed it all and there have been many photos and comments flying around about the whole evening of fun. I had the best birthday party ever and it’s was all to do with the great entertainment, fun and friends. 


Carl Piggott

Thank you so much for your expertise on Saturday night at the cats protection barn dance. You are a 5 star team and would recommend you to anyone. We have received fantastic complements from those who attended.’

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